Tours in Murmansk,
Kola Peninsula, Russia
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Time: 10-11 hours

Season: All year round

Price: 6500 RUR per person

The price includes

  • Transfer from your hotel to Teriberka village and back
  • Professional guide service
  • Hot tea with snacks
  • Dinner in the cafe
  • Sightseeing tour in Teriberka village
  • Snowmobile trip (December-April)

Our recommendations:

Take with you warm clothes in winter: warm winter jacket, winter waterproof trousers, thermal underwear, gloves, scarf, hat and high winter boots.

Use contact lenses instead of glasses.

Take a good camera with you. The guide will help you to fix camera for the best photos.

Book this tour now

Tour program:

  1. Our guide will meet you in a hotel at 9 a.m. +/- 30 min (he will inform you).
  2. Transfer to Teriberka village for 120 km. Along the way, we will have stops for taking photos and videos.
  3. Teriberka village and Arctic coast attractions: old wooden houses, ships cemetery, walking to the Arctic Ocean coast, (snow season by snowmobile sledding). You will get full emotions and take amazing pictures.
  4. In summer, autumn and spring we go to the artillery battery of the Second World War.
  5. Tasty lunch in the cafe (included in price).
  6. After lunch, you will walk on the sandy beach alone with yourself or with friends, and realized where you are now what the part in the world.
  7. Returning to Murmansk at 6-7 p.m.

Enjoy a moment with 'North for you'!

Tour prices:

  • 1-2 persons - 6500 RUR per person (in group);
  • 3-4 persons - 6000 RUR per person (in group);
  • 5 and more people - discussed individually (private or in group).

We invite you to take a part in the adventure to the coast of the Arctic Ocean on the Kola Peninsula. The tour starts from Murmansk through the endless tundra with crystal clear lakes and rocks, you arrive in the village of Teriberka, which is located on the shores of the Arctic Ocean.

This place is one of the most popular and beautiful in the Kola Peninsula. Here was filmed the famous Russian drama-movie «Leviafan».

Teriberka village is an authentic place and you will be impressed by arctic nature, village life and almost destroyed households Soviet Union period, cemetery old wooden ships and the famous breathtaking view of the Arctic ocean. In good weather, you will visit a waterfall running into the sea and an artillery battery (summer time).

We invite you to take a part in adventure to the coast of the Arctic Ocean on the Kola Peninsula. The tour starts from Murmansk and then we will go to Teriberka village along the northern tundra and lakes. This place is one of the most popular and beautiful in Kola Peninsula. Here was filmed famous Russian drama-movie «Leviafan».

In Teriberka you can vivst the Nordic waterfall running into the ocean, artillery battery of the World War II, see old woody dead ships and strange old crosses...

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