1. Murmansk was founded in 1916 by the last Tsar of the Russian Empire Nicholas 2.

2. The original name of the city was "Romanov-on-Murman". It was changed to "Murmansk" in 1917 by the Bolsheviks.

3. Nowadays Murmansk is the largest city on the planet beyond the Arctic circle.

4. The population of Murmansk in 2019 is 292 thousand people.

5. Murmansk has the northernmost McDonald's in the world.

6. The seaport in Murmansk operates all year round, as the Kola Bay does not freeze.

7. During the Second World War, more than 180 thousand bombs were dropped on Murmansk, the city was destroyed by 80%, but it was never captured.

8. The highest building in Murmansk is the Azimut Hotel, which is 18 floors high.

9. Monument to the Defenders of the Arctic is the highest monument in the Arctic circle. The height is 35.5 meters.

10. The bridge over the Kola Bay is the longest one above the Arctic circle. Its length is 2.5 kilometers.

11. Murmansk region is the only region in Russia, which is located in 3 natural areas: taiga, forest-tundra, tundra.

12. The Northern Navy is based near Murmansk - in the city of Severomorsk.

13. Murmansk is the first city where the first nuclear icebreakers started to go.

14. From early December to mid-January in Murmansk polar night when the sun does not go over the horizon. From the end of may to the end of July - polar day. The sun never sets.

15. Murmansk was awarded the title of Hero city for services in the Second World War.

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