1. When do we have the biggest chances to see the northern lights in Murmansk?

Our company "North For You" provides northern lights hunting tours from 1st September until 15th April. During this period you can see the northern lights in the Murmansk region. Chances are equal during September, October, November, December, January, February, March and April. From 15th April until 25th August the nights in Murmansk are not dark, and it is impossible to see the northern lights with your own eyes. If you want winter activities like Husky sledging or snowmobile safari tours, we recommend the period with a lot of snow from 20th December until 10th April.

2. How to increase my chances to see the northern lights in Murmansk?

We recommend you to stay in Murmansk for at least 3-4 nights to increase your chances to see the northern lights. We have a simple rule: more time you are in Murmansk — more chances you have for waiting for the best weather conditions. Sometimes the weather in Murmansk is cloudy and the sky is closed, that's why we ask our tourists to have 3 or more nights to stay in Murmansk. 90% of our tourists see Aurora Borealis in case they stay in Murmansk for at least 3 nights. You need to know an important thing: nobody can give you a guarantee of the appearance of the northern lights, because it is a natural phenomenon.

3. What are the best hotels in Murmansk to stay?

There is a short-list of the best hotels in Murmansk:

  • Azimut Hotel (city centre);
  • Park Inn;
  • Rooms&Breakfast;
  • Boutique Hotel Rennessaince (city centre);
  • Meridian (city centre).

Check this page with photos: The best hotels in Murmansk. if you need help to book the accommodation with a good price, you can contact us by email info@north4you.com.

4. Do you provide a transfer service from the airport and the railway station?

Of course! You can use our transfer service that is organized by consultants 'North for you'. The cost of transfer for 1-3 persons is 3500 RUB (to the airport & back). Our guide will meet you at the airport with nameplate 'North For You' and help with your luggage. Prices for the bigger groups for request. You can contact us by email info@north4you.com.

5. How can I reach Murmansk from the airport by myself?

You can reach Murmansk with using bus service №106 in the airport. The final destination is the railway station which is situated in the centre of Murmansk (5 minutes from the 'Azimut' Hotel). Also, you can use App 'Yandex Taxi', the average cost of the service is 700-800 RUB for a 4-pax car. We recommend ordering «comfort» class cars for your transfer.

6. What clothes should we take with us to Murmansk?

  • In Autumn (September, October, November): warm trekking boots, thermal underwear, warm coat and pants (jeans are not good variant). Also, you need to take gloves and a hat, because at night the temperature could be -10 C.
  • In Winter (December, January, February, March and April): high winter warm boots, thermal underwear, winter coat and winter pants, gloves, a scarf, a hat, warm socks. If you will take a thermos with you — it is a good idea. In winter the temperature could be -30 C.

7. Where can we try seafood and King Crab in Murmansk??

In Murmansk there are few really good restaurants: "Tundra: Grill & Bar" restaurant, "Tsarskaya Okhota" restaurant. Also, you can our consultant to reserve the place at this restautants. More information you can read here: The best restaurants in Murmansk.

8. What activities do you have for children?

In Murmansk there is a lot of winter activities: ski resorts, Husky parks, Snowmobile safari. Tour to the Sami village with reindeers is very good for children all years. If you have special wishes, contact us by email info@north4you.com.

Do you have any questions? Let's plan your vacation together!
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