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Kola Peninsula, Russia

Northern (or polar) lights are the most interesting and amazing natural phenomenon! We offer you to take a part in the northern lights tour in Murmansk (Kola Peninsula, Russia). In this article you will know some information about northern lights in this north Russian location.

Why Murmansk is the best location to see the northern lights?

It is very popular question from our tourists. There are 2 most important reasons:

1. Cost. Our tour to the northern lights starts from 100$. In countries like Norway, Finland, Iceland and Canada price starts form 250$ and more. If you will not see the northern lights, we will back you 50% of the tour cost. So, it is cheaper than in another any place in the world.

2. Location. Murmansk is modern city with comfortable hotels and restaurants. It is the biggest city beyond the Polar circle of the Earth! In Murmansk there are many different location to watch the polar lights: Artic Ocean, Khibiny Mountains and another. You can reach Kola Peninsula very easy from Moscow or Saint-Petersburg by plane, it takes abour 2,5 hours.

Northern lights tour Russia

What is the best time to see the northern lights in Murmansk?

The northern lights start in August every year and end in April. There is a polar night (when the sun doesn't rise abour 2 months) in Murmansk and in it very easy to enjoy the northern lights. In witer it is very cold, sometimes 35 C above zero. Thats why some tourists are planning to come to Russia in autumn or in spring. We recommend to come to Murmansk for 3-5 days, because the weather is changefull and usually cloudy. Before our tours our guides do weather forecasts to find out the best day for the trip. We also usually make the forecasts about sun's activity, the success the most depends on it.

northern lights tour

How can I prepare to the trip in Murmansk?

We recommend to take warm clothers: coat, hat, scarf, gloves, warm boots and good underwear. The nights in Murmansk all around the year are not friendly, so this is the first part of your preparation. Put on linces instead of glasses, it will be more comfortable. You should take photocamera, we will help you to take northern lights pictures.


Northern Lights photos in Kola Peninsula

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Airport transfer

We can organize transfer for you from the airport to the hotel and back.


You need to use to find best place for your staying in Murmansk with comfortable price. Watch our recommendations.

Northern Lights

You can see northern lights since September until April. Our professional photo-guide will make amazing photos with you and northern lights.

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