Tours in Murmansk,
Kola Peninsula, Russia

Our travel agency in Murmansk «North for you» has been working since 2016, and it was created by indigenous people of Murmansk, who sincerely admire the nature and beauty of the far north of Russia. Murmansk region is really a unique region where you have a convenient infrastructure for visiting the best places of the Kola Peninsula: the coast of the Arctic Ocean, the Khibiny Mountains and others.

For you we have prepared the best tours and excursions in which you:

  1. You will see some of the most beautiful landscapes in Russia;
  2. Feel the nature and power of the far north;
  3. Enjoy the unique natural phenomenon - the Northern Lights;
  4. Communicate with northern animals: husky and deer;
  5. Learn the way of life and culture of the indigenous population - the Saami;
  6. You will visit the coast of the Arctic Ocean;
  7. Learn the history of Murmansk - Hero City and much more.

Every tourist, who participated in our tours, remains under a great pleasant impression. You are offered comfortable hotels for accommodation, convenient sightseeing buses and escorted by interesting guides.

We work with individual clients, as well as with groups.

Welcome to the North, friends!

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